Rules & regulations


• The Predatortour is a CPR (Catch, Photo & Release) sport fishing competition.
• For edition 2020 you have to qualify to participate in the competition. You qualify after you get your 1000 bonus points. See scoring.
• Teams who completed their lines of 3 species (1000 bonus points) are automatically qualified for 2020 edition. Non qualified teams need to qualify and will be placed on the waiting list. (NEW)


• The team is formed by two anglers who need to catch the predator fish themselves.
• The team needs to take a picture of the fish on the measuring board provided by the organization.
• After photographing, the fish should immediately be released alive.

Predatortour web app:

• Each participant will download the Predatortour web app on his/her smartphone.
• To run the App, your smartphone requires the latest software update for iOS or android.
• Over 3 competition days the photos will be delivered by the Predatortour web app only.
• In case of back-up photos, we need free acces of your mobile phone.
• Back-up photos can be delivered daily after match day to the organization.  
• Only one fish per photo.
• Measurement of the fish can be in vertical or (flat) horizontal position.
• Photo’s with dead and / or blood-stained fish are excluded for competition points.
• The fish should be photographed from its left side only and from top till tail with its lip against the top of the board.

Photos and back-up photos:

• Photos will be taken with the Predatortour web app. The smartphone must be held in a standing (vertical) position position only! 
• The 3 biggest fish will count for the ranking and the rest will expire automatically on the leaderboard.
• Each team will take care of a backup smartphone during the competition.
• Participants have to keep all the photos until 24 hours after the tournament.

Measurement Board & GPS Tracker:

• An official Predatortour measuring board & GPS will be provided at the check-in to each team.
• You are obliged to use this measure board & GPS provided by the organization.
• You pay €100, – deposit for measure board. After returning measure board & GPS, you will receive your deposit.                                                                           • A GPS tracker is also integrated in the Predatortour Web App. Notification: Smartphone GPS must be switched on during the event!


Only one rod per person at the same time is allowed.
More than 2 rods (ready to go) per angler are allowed conformity to the rules & laws of Sportvisserij Zuidwest Nederland. See license competition registration.
Only artificial lures are allowed during the competition.
It is prohibited to use more than one lure per rod.
It is prohibited to use lures otherwise than attached to a rod.
Multiple rig/hook-systems like: paternosters and hook/rig-constructions etcetera are not allowed.
The following fishing methods are allowed: Jerk bait fishing, drifting, diagonals, fly fishing, spinning, verticals / drop shot, etc.
Fishing with dead, live or cut bait or other forms of live bait are not allowed during the competition.
The use of planner boards is not allowed.
It is prohibited to attach external (fishing)lines / rig systems to plannerboards or to the boat itself.
The use of down riggers is prohibited.

Contest behaviors:

• Participants will behave at any time according to: the reglement binnenvisserij.
• A team consists of two anglers per boat.
• The competition will be fished over three competition days.
• Before the competition all teams with their boats will be inspected by the organization at a specified time and location.
• During the competition it is forbidden to exit the specified fishing competition area, to approach another boat and / or to approach the shore.
• During the competition, the minimum distance between all (fishing) boats is 150 meters.
• There can only be fished in the indicated competition area.
• With poor weather the organization provides an alternative program on the spot (competition day swap), etc.
• During or before the competition, the organization can decide for an earlier retirement. The organization then determines whether the lost fishing time will be recovered or not.
• During the whole competition, participants are obliged to wear the Predatortour cap. This is to differentiate themselves from other anglers who do not participate in the event.


• Points can be earned as team over the total of three competition days.
• You need to catch 3 predator fish in the following numbers: 3 Pikes, 3 Zanders and 3 Perch to qualify for the end ranking. You need to “fill the lines” of all 3 species. If you have 3 pikes, 2 zander and 1 perch, the perch won’t count because you miss your third zander.
• The points are determined by the length of the fish. (1 point per cm)
• The 3 biggest Pikes, the 3 biggest Zanders, and the 3 biggest Perch will count for the ranking. Once the lines are complete, you will receive an additional 1000 points in the ranking
• For example, when you catch 3 Pikes, 2 Zanders and 1 Perch, the Perch will not count for the ranking, because the required row for Zanders is not full.
• Fish below the minimum size should immediately be released alive.
• Zander: minimum size: 42 cm
• Perch: minimum size: 22 cm
• Pike: minimum size: 45 cm
• The Predatortour web app will be leading in the ranking and might even overrule the regular points. Reclamations and complains about the results can be spoken about with the organization until 2 hours after the tournament ends on day 3, this deadline expires after these 2 hours.

Ranking of the species:

• The three species are compiled in order of importance, namely:
• 3 Pikes, 3 Zander and 3 Perch.
• 3 Pikes, 3 Zander.
• 3 Pikes.
• A minimum of 3 Pikes is needed for the ranking / qualify.
• At equal numbers and lengths the biggest Pike, after this the Zander and then finally the Perch will count. If a team doesn’t qualify (less then 3 Pikes), the total of all lenght (points) will be given no matter the species in the end ranking.

Conduct, prohibitions and obligations:

• Participants who are in possession of a “fast” fishing boat should be in possession of a valid license and be at least 18 years old.
• During the competition it is prohibited to fish in restricted areas. See competition map.
• During the competition it is prohibited (without consulting organization) to switch a member of a team.
• During the competition it is prohibited to kill and / or take any fish.
• Before and during the competition it is forbidden to use pre bait to lure the fish.
• It is also forbidden for third parties to use pre bait to lure fish to sites in benefit of participants.
• Before and during the competition it is forbidden to stock fish by keeping them in any kind of containers like stringers, boat compartments, storage containers and / or other types of nets.
• During the competition it is forbidden to use lip grippers.
• During the competition (and remaining days) it is forbidden to deposit waste in the water or anywhere else on the competition campus.
• Per boat at least one hook cutter and proper unhooking tools must be available.
• Participating fishing boats must be legally approved (boat registration number) and equipped according to the (Dutch) legalization. (See Binnenvaartpolitiereglement)
• When you are driving while standing, it is mandatory to wear a life jacket.
• It is prohibited to drive faster than 20 km per hour when you are outside the main water, harbor etc.
• During the competition it is forbidden to approach local anglers, boaters or other navigations within a range of 150 meters.


• In case of failure to respect and / or follow the prescribed rules disqualification will follow automatically.
• If fish die, by cause of apparent negligence of the participants, disqualification will follow automatically.
• Participants arriving late for the competition, will be disqualified for this day and therefore dispose of one day less of the competition camera.
• In case of failure on or before the competition by a member of the team (disease, etc.) the team will be withheld this day of the competition camera.
• Participants arriving late on the last competition day will be disqualified.
• Intentionally and negligent treatment of fish will follow into disqualification automatically.
• When misconducting such as brawling, disturbing drunkenness, vandalism, etc. you will be disqualified automatically and excluded from further competition.
• If participating boats meet other participating boats within a radius of 150 meter they will be both disqualified.
• When fishing with dead, live or cut bait or other live baits, disqualification will follow automatically.
• By feeding any type of pre bait before or during the entire competition, disqualification will follow automatically.
• When fishing outside the assigned competition fishing area, disqualification will follow.
• When one or two of the participants set foot on land during Match Day, disqualification will follow.
• When the organization must intervene in case of “emergency” as a result of lacking behavior of the participants (empty fuel tank etc.), disqualification will follow.
• Disqualification of the participants will be determined by the organization only.
• When you feel the need to violate the regulations, you have to update the organization (either by phone or face-to-face), to prevent your team from disqualification.
• There can be deviation of the regulations only, if you have the permission of the organization to do so.

Safety and Emergency:

• Participating fishing boats should be able to fish on big water.
• Each member of the team must be in possession of a swimming license.
• Each person on board must wear a life jacket.
• At least one emergency kit must be available on board of each boat.
• Per boat at least one water map must be available. (To be provided by the organization)
• Each boat must expose at least one liter of water.
• Per boat at least one set of spare clothes must be available. (Falling overboard)
• At least one full reserve fuel tank must be on board of each boat.
• Per boat at least one GSM must be available. (Emergencies)
• On each boat there must be an anchor + rope. (Emergency and / or broken engine)
• You must be in possession of the telephone numbers of the organization. (To be provided by the organization)
• It is prohibited to anchor in the fairway or other parts of the track that will hinder traffic.

Boat control:

• Every day before the start of the competition, the organization runs a complete check-up on all the boats. After approval, the competition camera will be provided.
• The organization reserves the right to check the above requirements of safety and emergency on a daily, continuous basis and on any moment.
• Auditors will carry the Predatortour cap and a recognizable safety vest.

Guidelines from the license provider Sportvisserij Southwest Netherlands:

• The competition area must be left clean after the event.
• The competition area must be pointed out clearly and in time in favor of the “free fisherman”
• Carefully handle the fish. C & R only.
• The organization monitors nuisance of participants to others.
• The competition area must be accessed via existing roads and / or dykes.
• Instructions given by the organization must immediately be followed.
• No garbage must be left behind at the competition area.
• It is forbidden to damage the competition area and surroundings.
• Failure to respect the above points will lead to total exclusion of the participant(s) from further participations and damage will possibly be recovered.
• The official document (license) with all rules and practices is available at the organization.


• Participation in the Predatortour is entirely based on your own risk.
• You should always respect all statutory regulations. This applies before, during and after the competition and your whole stay.
• You must be insured for liability, loss, theft, property damage, accidents, etc.
• Completed payments will not be refunded by Predatortour.


  • We work with Sportvisserij Nederland and give them the general catching reports after the competition. This report contains: the fish species, including length and numbers. In this report isn’t any personal data or GPS locations. Sportvisserij Nederland use this information for research only.
  • For more information: Privacy


Medical help:

• You must be insured for sickness, accidents and for medical help.
• In case of accidents or illness you should self-report to a (local) doctor.
• In case of an emergency call the international emergency number: 112
• In case of minor injuries you can always contact the organization.

For approval:

• The organisation of the Predatortour can not be held responsible for malfunctioning (software / internet) of the Web App. Participants have to keep all their match photos until 24 hours after the tournament, in order to let the organisation take the decision manually
• The Predatortour Web App will always be leading in the ranking, and could even be contradictive with rules mentioned above. Obvious software mistakes will be the exception and will be followed by the organization manually judge and announce the results.
• The participant needs to agree with all these terms, conditions and regulations.
• In case of participation you automatically agree with these terms, conditions and regulations.
• When your registration is complete, you will sign for agreement concerning disclaimer, privacy, terms, conditions and rules & regulations.
• When you do not agree with these disclaimer, privacy, terms, conditions and rules & regulations, you will be ruled out for participation of Predatortour.
• Participants who will deliberately violate the disclaimer, privacy, terms, conditions and rules & regulations, such as cheating, will be excluded for all (future) Predatortour editions.
• By acknowledging, agreeing and signing of all of the above named disclaimer, privacy, terms, conditions and rules & regulations, the organization can not be held responsible for calamities.

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