Resort Biesbosch

Predatortour 2021 periode 14-10-2021 until 16-10-2021

Four-person house: €400 
Six-person house: €500 
House directly at the port: €650.00 **

All the prices above are without tourist-tax.

These costs are inclusive of additional costs, such as final cleaning, sheets and service costs. Harbor costs however, are not included. It is not possible for a team to book multiple cabins next to the harbor.  

* The prices mentioned above is only from Monday to Monday. Check in: 11-10-2021 at 15:00 and check out 18-10-2021 at 10:00. If the participants want to arrive earlier or stay longer there is an extra charge of € 75.00 per day.
** There are a total of 15 cabins directly on the first row at the harbor side, these are mostly six-person cabins.. The costs for a four-person cabin and six-person cabin are the same; €650.00 regardless of whether it is for 4 people or for 6 people. 

Important information:
It is no longer possible to place a pre registration booking at Resort De Biesbosch. All previous booking options are cancelled. It is only possible to book a cabin at the harbor side but no cabin numbers can be claimed. This also applies to all other houses as well. 

The reservations for the cabins at Resort De Biesbosch must be paid in advance. On the day of arrival the payment for the cabin must be completed. It is no longer possible to pay at the park itself.

The cabins in general have 1 parking space. It is therefore allowed to put the boat or the trailer or the car at the house and it is up to the participants which object this will be. If the participant wants to place multiple objects around the cabin, an extra cabin must be booked for this.

The park will arrange a large parking space for the boat trailers. This is located at the park on a large lawn behind the supermarket of Resort De Biesbosch. The participants can use this for free, but at their own risk.

Resort De Biesbosch has 30 berths available in the harbor and are arranged by Resort De Biesbosch itself. If the participants make their reservation, they can immediately rent a berth. Note: This is only for the first 30 berths. If the 30 berths of Resort de Biesbosch have already been booked, the participants will automatically end up in the harbor of the Dordtse Kil. Note: Reservations directly at the Dordtse Kil IS NOT POSSIBLE, because they don’t do the registration. The harbor of the Dordtse Kill works well and there is enough space!

The participants must first report to the reception of Resort de Biesbosch for the berths on the side of the park and for the places in the harbor at the harbor master without car or boat. Car and boat can be temporarily parked in the parking lot, this to prevent a traffic jam of cars/boats at the entrance. After reporting, the reception or the harbor master assigns a place in the harbor and the participants receive a sticker for the boat. Without this sticker on the boat, participants can not enter the harbor by boat.

The price for the harbor is € 11.00 per day per boat. This price also applies from Monday 11 October 2021 to Monday 18 October 2021.

Reservation at Resort De Biesbosch for the Predatortour 2021:

Somewhere in May (exact date will follow) it is possible to reserve a cabin at Resort De Biesbosch for the upcoming Predator Tour 2021. Please note: It is only possible to make a reservation via e-mail. Send an e-mail with arrival and departure date, what kind of cabin (4 or 6 persons) and whether it should be a cabin at the harbor, size of the boat and all data regards name, address and place of living.

For reservations:

We work on first come, first serve basis!

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