Predatortour 2019 will be held in the Netherlands at Hollandsdiep, Haringvliet & Amer 

  • The competition will be fished at Hollandsdiep, Haringvliet & Amer only.
  • The fishing track stretches out from Haringvlietsluizen (Map) until the end of the Amer (Map)
  • Waiting area boats before starting procedure (Map)
  • Starting area (Map
  • All water named different than Hollandsdiep, Haringvliet & Amer is restricted area.
  • All participants have to follow all speed limits, buoys, signs, rules & regulations given by the Netherlands law, Rijkswaterstaat & VisPas


Its not allowed to fish:

  • In the shipping lanes.
  • In all side waters & channels connected the main waters.
  • Nature areas.
  • Closer than 150 meter from harbour entrances.