About us

Welcome to the Predatortour.

This predator fishing tournament is the European Championship. Winning this tournament earns you the titel: European champion!

In this fishing competition we fish on 3 species (Pike – Zander – Perch ). The Predatortour will be held in the Netherlands at Hollandsdiep, Haringvliet, Nieuwe Merwede & Amer. We fish, catch and release only!!!

Our slogan is: “be the best, catch the biggest”. 


The Predatortour was founded around the year 2007. The founder of the event (Evert Oostdam) was fishing with some friends in Norway and they were told about a fishing competition at lake Steinsfjorden. At this competition all pikes where killed and then brought to the organization. The team with the most kilo’s of pikes become winner of that competition. Evert said: “I can make a competition without killing pikes and practice catch & release only!” 

After two years of hard work the Predatortour (2009) was born. The first edition was held in Norway at the lake Steinsfjorden & Tyrifjorden. In 2010 the Predatortour went to Ireland at lake Lough Derg, Killaloe. In 2011 the Predatortour went to The Netherlands at lake Volkerak. In 2012 the Predatortour went to Sweden at lake Laxsjon.

After the event in Sweden Evert decide to stay in the Netherlands for good. The name Predatortour was no longer a “Tour” anymore. The goal of the event was to promote “Catch & release” in Europe. But “Touring” around with a big event, like the Predatortour, was almost not doable. Evert and his team decide to do the “Catch & release” promotion out of The Netherlands instead.In 2013 & 2014 the Predatortour was held again at lake Volkerak. In the year 2015 the organization decide to go for a new location. The Predatortour was growing and needed more space. That space was found at Europarcs the Biesbosch. From 2015 until present the Biesbosch is home of the European Predatortour.

The European Predatortour is a populair competition with a long waiting list. For that reason Evert decide to create a second event in Sweden. The first Predatortour Sweden started in 2017 at Lake Vanern. In 4 years time this event is as big as the European event. In 2020 we start with 150 boats in Sweden.

The two events combined will bring in the year 2023 around 250 teams at the start, with many teams from all over Europe!

So we can proudly say, the Predatortour is the biggest European Predator Fish Competition! And compare the vision of Evert…. “the best is still to come!!!”

The Predatortour is proud of all its prostaff, partners, sponsors, participants and volunteers… without you guys we did not made the succes as it is today!

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