Prize giving terms

Prize giving terms

In general:

  • All prizes are directly sponsored by our partners. 
  • Therefore all prizes need te be booked / collect / claimed direct from our sponsors / partners. Predatortour will only be mediator in case of uncertainties if necessary.
  • All prizes need to be collect within one year after the prize is given. All uncollected prizes will expire directly after one year.


Money prizes:

  • All money prizes, will be given by Predatortour automatically after the prize giving ceremony.
  • Predatortour will request for banking details from the winning team. Payment will be given to the team captains bank account.
  • All payments will be given by bank only.


Accommodation prizes:

  • In case of accommodation (fishing trips) you only win a accommodation for 2 persons.
  • Food, drinks, boats, gasoline, any kind of travel costs are not included.
  • All kinds of upgrades need to booked in consultation with sponsor / partner.
  • Prizes can’t be sold or given to third parties. Prizes are only valid for the team who won the prize! After a prize is sold to a third party the prize will expire automatically. 
  • The accommodation can only be booked in consultation with the accommodation owner. Accommodation can only be booked in a free period given by accommodation owner. Therefore its not possible to claim / demand exact dates or periods. 
  • The accommodation need to be booked within one year after the prize is given. The period of collection is always in consultation with the accommodation owner.
  • In case of accommodation bankruptcy the prize will expire and can’t be claimed by Predatortour.


Product prizes:

  • All products will be given at prize ceremony evening. 
  • In case of warranty issues the winning team needs to contact sponsor / partner direct.



  • All prizes aren’t tax free.
  • For more information, claims, legal rights & approval: disclaimer


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